Frankincense: The Value of Gold

When hearing the word Frankincense- two visions may come to mind.

Being one of the gifts the wise men brought to little baby Jesus on his birth. Or catholic benediction mass, where the priest swings around a cool looking incense burner on a chain, asphyxiating everyone in the congregation. Both of these visions give you an idea of just how powerful this essence truly is.

Most people associate Frankincense with incense. However when experiencing the pure essential oil– the aroma of Frankincense is actually very gentle and most enjoyable.

The use of Frankincense can be traced to ancient Egypt, where it was revered as a valuable as gold. It was used for prayer ritual, beauty restoration, medicinal purposes, and the embalming process to preserve the bodies of spiritual leaders.

I was first drawn to Frankincense about a year ago. I purchased a bottle and after doing much research, began experimenting with different ways to enjoy it’s many benefits. It has now become my skin care staple, using it with jojoba oil- morning and night. I also take advantage of it’s spiritual value, by using it when I meditate and practice yoga. It instantly relaxes me, clears my mind and has giving me abundant inspiration.

In my professional practice- I use it during a Hot Stone Reflexology session, by adding a few drops to the grape seed oil used. The heat from the stones allows the essence to gently permeate the room as I work. During a Reiki session, I apply a single drop to the palm of my hand and gently rub both of them together. It seems to magnify the connection between the client and the energy. I’ve never had one client object to it’s aroma.


Botanical name: Boswellia Carteri

Plant origin: tree, resin

Extraction method: steam distillation

Aroma: balsamic, earthy, spicy

Small trees known as olibanum, can be found in north-east Africa and south-east Arabia. Cuts are made within the trunk of the tree, allowing the resin to exude. After the resin solidifies forming tears– it then goes through a steam distillation process, protecting the many valuable qualities of this precious and rare oil.

Properties may include:



Topical antioxidant


Benefits may include:

Respiratory aide

Restorative skin care qualities

Calming the emotions

Awakening the consciousness

Caution care: As with all essential oils- Frankincense is to be used for external purposes only. It should be diluted with a vegetable base carrier oil when applied to the skin. I also recommend a “patch test” by applying a small amount of the oil in the crease of the arm- to check for sensitivity.

Whether you are a bodywork practitioner or someone who simply enjoys aromatherapy, I invite you to further investigate this wonderful gift of nature. I hope it brings to you, as much enjoyment and natural health benefits as it has for me!

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