Ok….Let’s Get Stoned!


Back in December I wrote my first post on hot stones after receiving a session using them in conjunction with Foot Reflexology.

Up to that point, I was totally uninterested in this modality and honestly thought it was silly, pointless and like….so “New Age”.

Until…… I actually experienced it!

A Little Histonery

The art of hot stone work has been in existence for thousands of years. Stones were used for healing work in Native America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India. These traditions included laying stones in patterns on the body, carrying or wearing stones for health and protection, using stones in the treatment of disease and ceremonial uses, such as in sweat lodges and medicine wheels. Native American folk healers used heated stones to diminish the discomforts of menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures have a long recorded history of many forms of massage and bodywork. The Romans used stones in saunas and combined the effects of hot immersion baths with the cooling effects of marble stones and cold baths.

The Stones

Basalt stones make the ideal tool for this modality. These stones are formed from hot molten lava cooled. Their color range from dark gray to black. They have a high percentage of iron/magnesium content which makes them extremely dense and gives them an awesome ability to retain heat for long periods of time. Because they are taken from the earth, they have energetic grounding properties – which give added benefit to bodywork.

Heating the Stones

Basalt stones are heated in a water spa heating unit which reaches a temperature range of 110-120 degrees. Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? However as the stones are rhythmically moved, with a specific pressure applied, the effects are reduced to a wonderfully comfortable warmth….. it feels amazing!

*Cold stones (marble) can also be used with certain therapeutic treatments (I’ll save that for another post).


When using hot stones in conjunction with traditional foot reflexology – benefits include: a deeper relaxation response, increases circulation, clears toxins, reduces foot tension, and greatly assists in opening and stimulating the energy channels of the reflex points.

Caution Care

There are certain precautions that should to be observed before scheduling an appointment:


*Chronic high blood pressure/heart conditions


*Acute fever

*Skin conditions on feet (eg: fungus, rash)

*Varicose veins

*Cuts, fractures or bruises

*Be sure to discuss these things with your practitioner, so that you have a happy and healthy experience.

I’ve got to tell you folks…….. after my first session with hot stones……I was hooked!

I proceeded to find education in this modality, got my certification, and it has now become my favorite service to offer my clients.

Who would have thought that something I believed was so silly…..would end up being something that I truly enjoy to give and receive?????

I guess I’m just a silly man!

So find someone in your area that offers this modality….. and get STONED!

Be well…

Have You Ever Gotten Stoned?

I first heard about hot stone therapy back in the 90’s. I read several articles about this modality way before I ever got involved with bodywork. To be honest with you, I thought it was ridiculous. I mean when I received a massage, I wanted to feel the touch of a practitioners’ hands….not some silly rocks! So I never really gave it another thought.However this past year, I met a massage practitioner here in the city. I had called her to see if she was interested in using my services in her massage practice. When you are seeking employment as a body worker, it’s protocol to show your ability by giving a sample session of your work. So we set up a time to do a “swap.” I gave her a session of traditional foot reflexology and then a week later I went back to receive a Hot Stone Reflexology session with her. I had heard about using stones for body massage, but never reflexology. Let me give you a quick foot note on hot stones.

* Hot stone work involves the use of Basalt stones. These stones are formed from hot molten lava cooled. They have a high percentage of iron/magnesium content which makes them extremely dense and gives them an awesome ability to retain heat for long periods of time. They also have energetic properties which give added benefit to bodywork. I did tremendous research before I purchased mine. Apparently…..all basalt stones are not created equal! (please see helpful links)

Hot Stone Reflexology uses the same principles of reflexology, however hot stones are used instead of the practitioners fingers. Oil is also used (applied to the calves and feet) which is not the case with traditional reflexology.

Anyway, about 5 minutes into the session I realized that the heat from the stones was causing me to become incredibly relaxed ( like I was melting). What was even more incredible, was the fact that I could feel the heat from the stones on the correlating part of my body that she was working on. For example: when she ran the stone along the spinal reflex, I felt energy and heat along my spine! I was fighting not to fall asleep because a part of me wanted to be conscious so I could observe what she was doing. It was as if the stones had become an extension of her hands. I honestly couldn’t feel the difference between the two.

After the session was over, I immediately asked her where she got her training and how I could sign up. I was flabbergasted! Me….like this? Needless to say, you know the rest of the story.

This just goes to show you…..never say never!

And if you can find someone in your area that practices this modality, please check it out.

You’ll love getting Stoned!