Reflexology for a Common Cold




Now that the Fall and Winter are upon us, it’s quite common to experience an occasional cold.

Reflexology can work wonders for relieving much of the physical discomforts, and also help support immunity – so that the body can naturally move into wellness.


Reflex Points of Focus


*To help decongest the head and sinuses.

Lungs/Bronchial Tubes

*To help break up congestion


*To help with immunity


*To help with immunity

(the thymus reflex point is located on the inside portion of both feet, about 1 inch below the neck reflex point)


*Note: Please refer to the Foot Map Page to get a clear view of where these reflex points are located.


Application of Reflexology

*Using either your thumb or index finger – firmly, but gently press and rotate on each of the reflex points.

*Work each point thoroughly for approximately 1 minute – then repeat the process 2 more times.

*This can be done 3 times a day.

*Note: Reflexology effectively breaks up congestion in the head and lungs; so don’t be alarmed if after the first application, your cold symptoms seem worse. It’s simply doing some “house cleaning.” These symptoms will normalize.



The use of essential oils along with reflexology is very beneficial in supporting the body’s natural immunity.



The essential oil of Eucalyptus is effective against coughs and colds, both as preventative and as a remedy. Externally it works as a decongestant, expectorant, and is excellent for the immune system.


Aromatherapy Application

*After completely reflexology – blend 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to 1 teasoon of Jojoba oil.

*Apply a small amount to both feet and rub in well.

*Breath deeply as you do this, to receive the benefits of this wonderful essential oil.

*Cover you feet with a pair of gym socks and allow the mixture to penetrate the skin.


Caution Care

~Use only pure essential oils.

~For external use only.

~Keep essential oils away from eyes.

~Never use essential oils on the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.


So if the “cold bug” gets you down…have no fear…Reflexology and Aromatherapy are here!

When used with care and respect, these two modalities will help your body, help itself…naturally.

Wishing you a cold-free season…aaaaachooo!#?*

Bless you!


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy


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Aromatherapy and HIV Support

Nature has given us a generous supply of “wellness support” through the precious gift of essential oils.

The wonderful thing about aromatherapy, is that it’s quite effective and also very enjoyable to use.

If you’re like me and relish the sense of smell, you’ll find this modality extremely nosey.

Aromatherapy helps the immune system, because essential oils support and strengthen the body’s immune response with a “dual action.” Some essential oils with antimicrobial properties fight the microbes, while other essential oils with immunostimulant properties boost the body’s natural defenses. Some essential oils have both properties, including:


~Tea Tree~


~Roman Chamomile~


*You can also find Synergy Blends which contain a variety of pre-blended essential oils suited for this purpose.

*Always choose essential oils that agree with you.

*My advice is to start with one or two of these oils and then slowly add others as you begin to acquire a nice collection.


Two Ways to Use Essential Oils

~Via Bottle~

~Essential oils can conveniently be inhaled directly from the bottle whenever needed.

*Bring the bottle approximately 2 inches from your nose and take 3 deep breaths (recap bottle immediately to avoid evaporation).


~Via Skin~

~When used with a carrier oil, the small molecules of essential oils are ideal for absorption through the skin.

The Feet

*Blend 1 tsp of jojoba oil with 4 drops of essential oil (when using 2 essential oils – blend equal drops).

*Spread the mixture onto clean feet and rub in. This is a great time to apply a little reflexology to the reflex points pertaining to immunity.

*Elevate your feet for 15 minutes while inhaling the aroma (jojoba oil is quickly absorbed into the skin).

*If choosing to apply before bedtime – wear a pair of gym socks, to avoid staining bed linens.



~Keep essential oils in your backpack, purse or briefcase – so they are readily available whenever you’re around others who may be ill, or if you feel a “bug” coming on.

~As a good preventative measure – use essential oils (in some way) every few days.


Caution Care

*Only use pure essential oils.

*Do not apply essential oils directly on the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.

*Keep essential oils away from the eyes.


When used with care and respect, essential oils offer a gentle, natural support for one of the body’s most important systems – immunity.

Embrace one of natures “scented gifts”…..Aromatherapy.

Wishing you a lifetime of supported health!

Be well


For quality essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

For proper care and storage of essential oils: C & S

For immune system reflex points: Immunity


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Aromatherapy Bible” – Gill Farrer-Halls

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Reiki and HIV Support

A large majority of people will tell you that their involvement with Reiki came not from having someone explain what it is, but rather from simply hearing or seeing the word (Reiki). Something deep inside themselves – knew that it needed to be experienced.

I personally believe, that this is because Reiki is a part of our inherited spiritual nature.

It is perhaps the most non-invasive, yet deeply profound holistic modality. It gently touches upon the body, to powerfully reach the soul – because it knows that this is where true healing manifests.

Reiki most definitely offers effective results to help support the body with HIV. However, where I have seen it excel in support…is within the spirit of an individual.

So often with HIV, the body becomes the main focus (and understandably so) – yet it is the spirit, that is sometimes most in need.

Because Reiki has a “Universal Intelligence” of it’s own, it knows exactly what is needed whenever it is received; therefore, it may be felt on a physical level, emotional level or spiritual level (and sometimes all three within a single session).

When receiving Reiki, the practitioner and client form a “sacred union.” And it is within this union – that Reiki flows. It is a “shared experience” in that both participants receive in a session.

One must only be willing…in order to receive.

The practitioner serves as a “thread” that connects the client to the Reiki Source. Each practitioner works differently – intuitively using a variety of gentle hand postions, touching on various parts of the clients clothed body (a session may also be conducted with the practitioners hands remaining a few inches away from the body). A full session commonly takes approximately 60 minutes, however they can be conformed to any time length.


Benefits to Reiki and HIV


~Pain-management tool~

~Boosts immune system function~

~Assists with side effects to medications~

~Helps with Neuropathy~

~Allows for better sleep~

~Supports the client in coping with life changes~

~Helps with depression~

~Allows for a deep spiritual connection~

~Helps with acceptance~




*Check for HIV support organizations in your area that offer Reiki and other holistic modalities as a “free of charge” service. I know that they exist.

*If you are already part of an HIV support organization, ask your case manager about these services. They should be able to guide you in a helpful direction.

*Please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to see if someone in your area offers Reiki.

*For more information on Reiki, please visit the Modalities Page on this blog.


Reiki can be a valuable, supportive and caregiving tool for HIV.

From working first-hand with those in the community, I can confidently and happily tell you – that Reiki brings a “quality of life”…to all those it touches!

Be well


For additional information on the benefits of Reiki and HIV-please visit: Ontario Reiki Programme Centre

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Reflexology and HIV Support

One of the greatest advantages to Reflexology, is that it is both gentle and powerful in supporting the body’s natural wellness.

Ironically, it does not concern itself with illness. It only knows that the body was designed to function in a specific way – and this is what it focuses on.

Our immunity system was brilliantly designed as a “body guard” to protect us from anything that interferes with our wellness.

With HIV, the “body guard” needs some additional support – and this is where reflexology steps in.

Reflexology understands that all the systems of the body are interrelated; when one of these systems is weakened, it calls for “back-up.” It treats the body as one “whole unit.” For this reason, it is very important to always receive a full session of reflexology, with a strong focus on the reflex points associated with immunity.


The Main Components of the Immune System



The spleen is responsible for storing and filtering old and damaged blood cells, storing iron, manufacturing antibodies, and ridding the body of bacteria.


Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a network of small transparent lymph vessels that collect fluid that has seeped through the blood vessel walls and then returns the fluid back into the bloodstream after a filtering process.


Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are responsible for producing white blood cells that work to fight off infection locally, so that it won’t spread to the rest of the body.



The thymus is responsible for making T-lymphocytes (T-cells) which have a big influence on the immune system. The lymphatic system carries white blood cells to the thymus, where they are multiplied and changed into T-cells, which are a special infection-fighting cell.


Reflexology greatly assists HIV with:


~Improving immune function~



~Stress reduction~

~Complimentary to all other healthcare services~



Self-help Care


~Between sessions, I always advise the client to continue giving their feet some attention. By simply rubbing the feet everyday (10 min. each foot) – the body is reminded to recycle and renew.

~To get a clear view of how the feet “reflect” the body, please go to the Foot Map Page on this blog.

~When working on your feet, concentrate on the areas listed above.

*The thymus reflex point (not listed on the map) is located 1/2 inch below the neck reflex point, on the inside edge of the foot, along the spine reflex.

~Always use firm, yet gentle finger pressure.

~Remember – with reflexology, you are coaxing the body to function as it should. More pressure does not mean faster results.



~Check for HIV support organizations in your area that offer reflexology and other holistic modalities as a “free-of-charge” service. I know that they exist.

~If you are already involved with such an organization, ask your case manager about these services. They should be able to guide you in a helpful direction.

~Use the Book Page on this blog to investigate the many benefits to reflexology.

~Please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to see if someone in your area offers reflexology.

~Be sure to tell the practitioner of your HIV status, so that they can assist you in the best possible way.


Reflexology can be a valuable and supportive tool for immunity that works in a  safe, gentle, and effective way.

From working first-hand with those infected with HIV, I can honestly and joyfully tell you that reflexology brings a “quality of life”…to all those it touches!

Be well


For information on HIV & Complementary Therapies visit: NAM

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.

*Next post will be on Reiki and HIV

My Work with HIV

Without a doubt, my greatest inspiration and spiritual growth, comes from the time I spend sharing my work with the HIV community.

Each Tuesday, I offer Reiki, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy to a non-denominational spiritual ministry organization, that freely supplies a variety of holistic services to those in the community who are infected and affected with the HIV virus.

It is here through touching – that the giver and receiver are equally blessed.

Because it is here…that a “sacred connection” is made.

On a physical level, the modalities that I practice – offer gentle, yet powerful support to the body’s natural immunity.

However more importantly, on a spiritual level, they touch deeply upon the clients’ soul.

Because my work is based within the foundation of Reiki, it places me in a position of remaining neutral. Meaning, that whatever “connection” an individual has to their spiritual support – will be present within that session.

My only intention is to remain open, so that the “connection” will be experienced.

So often with HIV, the emotional stress can take a massive toll on the physical. That’s why it is very important for those both infected and affected, to have this “sacred space” with their spirit. It seems to be the “space” where they receive physical and spiritual unity.

I quite often hear, that during a session, a client feels the powerful hands of something far greater than themselves…holding and loving them.

I too…feel the same thing.

Which leads me to believe, that healing goes far beyond the physical body…touching something that only the “spirit” can truly know.

Thank you all…for touching me.

Be well

This post is dedicated to all those at Siloam Ministries…who make this “connection” possible.

*In upcoming posts, I will be sharing the “specifics” on how these modalities assist with HIV.

Aromatherapy…and Flying High!

One of the most helpful ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, is when flying.

Certain essential oils have the remarkable ability to enhance our body’s natural immunity. When used wisely, they make an excellent “preventative tool.”

Whenever we fly commercially, the air that we breathe is simply recycled; leaving us susceptible to all types of airborne “bugga-boo’s.”

Personally, I’ve actually experienced getting on a plane feeling perfectly healthy, however an hour into the flight, my throat began to feel scratchy and sore. By the time I got to the hotel, I had a full-blown cold…Blah!

Now whenever I fly…my essential oils are always handy.

With today’s security regulations always changing, it’s wise to contact the airlines prior, just to get an update on the “liquid size” you are permitted to carry on-board. I will explain an additional way that you can use essential oils while flying, without actually having the bottle on your person.

Essential Oils




*Each of these essential oils support the body’s ability to ward off infection.

*Choose a single oil that agrees with you.

*They can be purchased in 5 or 10 ml. sizes (for flight purposes, my advice is to purchase a 5 ml.).



~Hold the bottle approximately 2 inches from your nose and take 3 deep breaths.

~On international flights – inhale every few hours.

~On domestic flights – use every hour.


~You can take several small flat cotton face pads (the kind used for facial toner) and place 3 drops of essential oil on each pad. Place them in a small plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and store it in your carry-on.

~When desired, inhale directly from the bag (be sure to seal when finished).



~You can either do this in your seat, or if you feel more comfortable, stretch your legs and take a walk to the restroom.

~Each of these essential oils have a high to medium “evaporation rate” (which means the aroma dissipates quickly), but don’t be surprised if someone sitting near you comments how wonderful the air suddenly smells. You may just be helping everyone!


Caution Care

~Use only pure essential oils.

~As with all essential oils, do not use directly on the skin.

~External use only.

~Again, check with the airlines before boarding the aircraft with any liguids. You don’t want to lose your precious oils!


For further information on Aromatherapy, please feel free to visit the Book Page on this blog. You will find additional essential oils suitable for this purpose.

Essential oils are one of natures “special ways” to help keep the body balanced and healthy.

So the next time you take to the sky…don’t forget to pack a “safety net”…your immunity with thank you for the support.

Fly high…and be well!


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy



Reflexology…Keep Your Lymph Circulating!


                                             Nature’s Internal House Cleaner”

Physical, mental and emotional health all depend on the body’s ability to not only circulate blood, but also lymphatic fluid.

Our blood is pumped by our heart to keep the circulating moving; however, the lymphatic fluid has no pump to circulate it. It is propelled by the contraction of our breathing and by the body movements, causing pressure against the arteries and  muscles which help assist it’s flow.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the body’s natural cleansing processes. It has a variety of jobs to do; it works to guard the body from various viruses or diseases. The lymph nodes or glands are filtering devices for removing dead cells and other foreign matter. They carry away the wastes, bacteria and viruses from the body’s connective tissue. It also flushes out toxins and excess water, which could otherwise cause congestion and edema. 



Nature has placed more than 100 of these little “seed like” nodes around the tonsils, in the neck, armpit, down the center of the body and in the groin area – as a safeguard against infection. The spleen and thymus are also made of lymph.

Lymph plays an important role in our immune system. As scavenger cells fight infection and antibodies attack harmful invaders, the fluid clean tissue, filter out bacteria and stop the spread of infections.



When a throat is infected, the many lymph nodes in the neck become swollen and tender due to antibody activity. This sign indicates that the nodes are doing their job – Yipeeee!


Where reflexology can be very helpful – is when someone is confined to a bed or wheelchair – due to age, illness or paralysis.

In this case, body movement is very limited; however, reflexology can effectively support the lymphatic system in circulating lymph fluid; simultaneously giving a “boost” to the immune system.

You can either contact a professional reflexologist to inquire whether they make “house calls” or if you are a family member, friend or caregiver – you can share some reflexology yourself.

When shared in a gently and loving way – reflexology will always benefit for the highest good! 

Before administering, please review the Foot Map Page on this blog to familiarize yourself with the location of these reflex points.


Reflex Points of Focus

~ Groin

~ Chest


~ Upper Lymphatics

~ Shoulder

~ Spleen

~ Thymus (located 1/2 inch below the neck reflex point, on the inside edge of the foot – along the spine reflex)


How to Work Points

~ Using your thumb or index finger – gently press, rotate, then release.

~ Work each reflex point on both feet for approximantely 1-2 minutes.

~ This can be done twice a day (morning and evening)

~ If time is limited – administer whenever is convenient.

 Extra Tips

~ When applying to the upper lymphatics reflex point – you can use your thumb and index fingers to gently squeeze between each toe.

~ By simply pointing, flexing and rotating the feet – you will also increase lymph circulation.

~ Use this technique whenever you start to feel a “bug” coming on – so that your immune system has some extra support. 

~ Can also be used during and after a “bug” – to help rid the body of the “ickies.” 


Caution Care

* Always work gently.

* Do not apply more than twice a day – as to not overtax the lymphatic system.


Please feel free to explore the Book Page on this blog – where you will find some enjoyable and easy reads on the topic of Reflexology. Also check out Find a Practitioner on the sidebar – to locate a professional in your area.

Remember – reflexology will always support the body in functioning as it was naturally designed.

So, if you or a loved one needs a little circulation…try using the feet…your lymph will be so happy you did!

Get circulating…and be well


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology” – Mildred Carter/Tammy Weber