Playing “Footsie” for Infertility


According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 4.5 million couples experience infertility each year.

Some common causes include: faulty egg or sperm production, structural issues with the reproduction tract, and psychological factors such as stress and anxiety.

There are several effective treatment methods for most infertility issues, and with appropriate diagnosis and treatment,  over half of infertile couples will conceive their own child.

Coupling traditional treatment with Reflexology can help Mother nature along.

By stimulating the reflex areas to the reproductive organs in both male and female partners, you will be strengthening the entire reproductive system, unblocking any areas of congestion so that the energy flows freely.

Couples having difficulty getting pregnant can often feel helpless, which can cause stress and tension. Sharing reflexology with one another can be a special bonding time, bringing additional intimacy.


“Playing Footsie”


*Each of the male and female reflex points are in similar locations. Please review the Foot Map Page to familiarize yourselves.

Solar Plexus

To relax the entire body, letting go of emotional stress

Pituitary Gland

To regulate the hormonal system


To let go of all nervous tension


To strengthen the reproductive system

Note: these points can sometimes be very sensitive – so use an extra gentle touch


To strengthen the reproductive sytem

Fallopian tubes/Vas Deferens

To strengthen the reproductive system

Note: the vas deferens are located within the fallopian tubes reflex point



*Using your thumb or index finger – with a firm, yet gentle pressure – press and rotate on these reflex points.

*Work each of these reflex points thoroughly – then go back and repeat 2 more times.

*Because reflexology is cumulative, ideally, it would be best if you could find the time to use it every other day.

*Be sure to take your time and make this an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

Note: you may wish to light a few candles and add some soothing music.


“Sexy Smelling Stuff”



Helps strengthen the male reproductive system


Helps strengthen the female reproductive sytem



When playing “footsie” together

*Mix 2 drops of each essential oil to 2 tbs. of jojoba carrier oil into a small mixing bowl (blend well).

*Rub a small amount onto each foot and then apply reflexology.

*The aroma will enhance the experience.


Caution Care

~Use only pure essential oils.

~Do not use any essential oil directly on the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.

~External use only.

~Avoid contact with the eyes.


Allow the natural gifts of Reflexology and Aromatherapy to assist and support you as you move towards creation.

They will give you that special time with one another – adding more love and tenderness…to what’s already there.


Wishing you a beautiful creation!

Be well


For “Natural Fertility Treament” visit: Getting Pregnant

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Hands On Feet” – Michelle Kluck

*Special thanks to Ajen @ Androgiennei for suggesting this topic.

Photos: binkybink & Tnachtrab