Reiki…..Kyoto, Japan

In 1994 I was given the great opportunity to visit the country of Japan. For 2 months, the city of Kobe was my endearing home.

To be totally honest with you, I never had a single thought about going to Japan. In-fact, I had once worked with a Japanese woman who quite frankly – irritated the living crap out of me, because of the way she went on and on about how the Japanese culture was so superior to Western culture.

So……I had a “not-so-nice” view on Japan.

And brother……was I wrong about that sight!

While working in Kobe, I took a morning off and went sightseeing to where a friend of mine told me “not to miss”…..the temples of Kyoto.

Even before I got there, while sitting on a train that took me high up the side of a mountain, I had a “feeling” that I was going to where the Universe had planned.

At this time I knew nothing about Reiki. I had never even heard the word. But looking back now……I know that I was FEELING it. I can’t put into words what it was that was “stirring” my soul, but I can say, that it was as though I was going to a place……that I had already known.

The 2 hours that I spent walking the grounds, was in complete silence. At one point I sat down on a bench and just cried. It was as if the “essence” of the energy that surrounded the place, was filling every cell of my physical and spiritual bodies to their capacity……and I was overwhelmed.

Needless to say, the place was a visual masterpiece. The video and still pictures that I took, could only capture a quarter of what it was like to actually witness it in person. It was very similar to what it is like in watching live theater. It must be experienced in the moment, as it is happening……to feel the “magic”.

One day, three years after returning to the states, I was in a bookstore. I saw a business card with the word Reiki on it. For some unknown (and now known) reason – I took my first steps on the path.

The Japanese culture is the perfect example of the Reiki Principles:

  • In 2 months – I never experienced one angry person.

  • They have a natural inner knowing that everything is in perfect order and harmony – so there is no need to worry.

  • They believe that as a person grows older – they become more valuable – therefore they are held in the highest respect.

  • They believe that a persons occupation is a way to be of genuine honest service to others.

  • They hold nature in high regard, as being the closest human experience – to a Higher Power.

So I’m here to tell you. I was wrong about my view of Japan. In the future, I will hopefully not allow one persons attitude to “taint” my vision of an entire culture.

And if you EVER get the chance to visit the sacred and magical city of Kyoto…..jump on it!

You won’t EVER forget it.

Be well