Reflexology…and “Male Plumbing”


                                              Being Male… has it’s Ups and Downs”

The reproductive organs do more than just helps us procreate.

The testes are part of the glandular system that take command from the pituitary gland in the brain.

Testes have a dual function. Externally they secrete sperm. Internally they secrete the sex hormone – testosterone.

Hormonal messages command not only the sexual characteristics, such as muscle mass, growth of penis and body hair and voices changes, but also affects the whole body including it’s mental attitude and personality characteristics and is essential to a man’s well-being.

The prostate gland is a “male accessory” sex gland located just below the bladder. It’s purpose is to secrete an alkaline fluid as part of the semen.

Issues with the prostate often involve enlargement of the gland, putting undue stress against the neck of the bladder and imparing urination. This usually occurs in older gentlemen, but can be managed and may be prevented with a holistically infused lifestyle that includes reflexology.


Prostate Issues Include

~ Pain and burning sensation when passing urine

~ Lower abdominal pain

~ The inability to retain urine

~ Frequent urination, especially during the night

~ The bladder feels as though it isn’t completely empty

~ Feeling of tiredness and lethargy



With impotence, sometimes poor diet is to blame; other times the stress and tension from a busy lifestyle can cause depression or glandular imbalances.


Reflexology can greatly assist in bringing a man’s body back to a natural balance.

Listed below are the reflex points that have been shown to greatly improve the functions of the reproductive system.

Please review the Foot Map Page to familiarize yourself with the locations of these reflex points before beginning.


Reflex Points to Work

~ Pituitary (controls all other endocrine glands)

~ Testes

~ Prostate

~ Vas deferens ( a pair of excretory ducts which convey semen from the prostate to the urethra. They are located in within the groin reflex point)


Working the Reflexes

* By using your thumb or index finger – gently press, rotate then release on these reflex points.

* Work each point for approximately 1 minute.

* Work both feet.

* Do this 2-3 times a day.

* Reflexology is cumulative – therefore it takes some time for the influence to affect.

* Remember – reflexology is a powerful preventative modality which can be used before the onset of any physical manifestation.


Caution Care

~ When working the testes reflex point – always work gently. This point is often very tender on most men.

~ More pressure does not mean…better results.

~ Reflexology gently coaxes the body back into balance.


Aromatherapy for the Prostate and Impotence


Jasmine essential oil has a reputation for benefiting impotence in men and has been used for prostate concerns. It is excellent for stress relief and is uplifting during times of depression and lethargy.

It has a rich, sweet floral aroma.


Feet Treat

~ Use 3 drops of Jasmine oil mixed with 1 teaspoonful of Jojoba or Grape seed carrier oil.

~ Massage on both feet – concentrating on the reflex points listed above.

~ Elevate your feet for 10 minutes while breathing in the aroma. The oil will be quickly absorbed into your skin.

~ You can also carry the oil in your briefcase or backpack and inhale it directly from the bottle periodically throughout the day.


Caution Care

* As with all essential oils – use only pure grade.

* Do not use any essential oil on the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.

* For external use only.


Reflexology and Aromatherapy are two powerful natural tools that can greatly assist…in staying fit and functioning.

I strongly encourage you to further investigate these modalities – by browsing the Book Page on this blog, and to also schedule an appointment with a professional in your area – by checking out Find a Practitioner on the sidebar.

So if you need a little support with your plumbing”…try using your feet and nose.

Things will definately start looking UP!

Be well Guys!


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology” – Mildred Carter/Tammy Weber

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.