My Secret to the Secret

Manifestation, intention, creating your own reality, and mind over matter is not new.

Back in the early 80’s when Shirley Maclaine was “Out on a Limb” sharing her spiritual journey and J.Z. Knight was channeling the mystical teacher “Ramtha”- I discovered this ancient philosophy and used it. It most definitely works. It’s called “free will”.

However since then, I have discovered some added inspiration…that is sometimes left out when sharing the Secret.

I must be “in-sync” with the Universe first and foremost….. because if I’m constantly creating only what I think I want – then it may be conflicting with what is needed- and this is when struggle and control come into play. You see – Universal Intelligence knows what I need to grow. And amazingly enough….it’s not always what I thought I needed. Creation is not always a “cut and dry” process.

This is not about ordering something from a store catalog and having it delivered UPS in 5 business days.

There are certain experiences that will and will not happened to me no matter how much I intend and manifest.

And other than acceptance…there’s not a thing I will be able to do about that.



I must also realize that if “I” have the free will to create….so does everyone else. And how do I react when my creation conflicts with someone else???

Creating is very much like dancing. Sometimes I will lead and other times I must follow. And in the following….I allow myself to be supported…. to what I cannot change.

So now – whenever I get the desire to manifest, I spend some quiet time checking in with the Universe and talk about these desires. Some of them I continue to pursue and others I realize were not all that important or needed.

Honestly – I still have many times when I argue and demand what I want (it’s a never ending struggle). But I have always learned – that in the “surrendering”…..a valuable lesson is revealed.

And that’s why I’m on this planet… learn.

Being so in harmony with the Universe…..that we dance and manifest together!

Be Well