My Work with HIV

Without a doubt, my greatest inspiration and spiritual growth, comes from the time I spend sharing my work with the HIV community.

Each Tuesday, I offer Reiki, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy to a non-denominational spiritual ministry organization, that freely supplies a variety of holistic services to those in the community who are infected and affected with the HIV virus.

It is here through touching – that the giver and receiver are equally blessed.

Because it is here…that a “sacred connection” is made.

On a physical level, the modalities that I practice – offer gentle, yet powerful support to the body’s natural immunity.

However more importantly, on a spiritual level, they touch deeply upon the clients’ soul.

Because my work is based within the foundation of Reiki, it places me in a position of remaining neutral. Meaning, that whatever “connection” an individual has to their spiritual support – will be present within that session.

My only intention is to remain open, so that the “connection” will be experienced.

So often with HIV, the emotional stress can take a massive toll on the physical. That’s why it is very important for those both infected and affected, to have this “sacred space” with their spirit. It seems to be the “space” where they receive physical and spiritual unity.

I quite often hear, that during a session, a client feels the powerful hands of something far greater than themselves…holding and loving them.

I too…feel the same thing.

Which leads me to believe, that healing goes far beyond the physical body…touching something that only the “spirit” can truly know.

Thank you all…for touching me.

Be well

This post is dedicated to all those at Siloam Ministries…who make this “connection” possible.

*In upcoming posts, I will be sharing the “specifics” on how these modalities assist with HIV.

My Work

My own personal approach to learning anything new…is to devour it…and then spit it out.

Using my brain, I first pick it apart – by breaking things down to a “step by step” logical order. I study, analyze, and then question everything!

If something doesn’t feel right for me…I place it to the side.

Gradually, as I become comfortable with the “technical aspects”- I allow it to become “second nature”- so that my need to think about it…is void.

Eventually, it begins to fuse with my soul.

As the “training wheels” come off…I let go.

And this is when I truly begin to learn.

The years that I spent as an actor in the theater…taught me this.

When you perform live, having to repeat the same performance, night after night and matinee after matinee – learning to “let go” is very important. Otherwise it becomes contrived and false.

Once I thoroughly learned my lines, blocking, music and dance – and it had been embossed in my brain – I needed to forget it – and trust that it would be there when I needed it.

It was like being schizophrenic!@#?

I had to stay very aware of what was happening around me…and at the same time…lose my awareness to try and navigate the outcome. Allowing each moment to reveal itself to me – without anticipating. And living each performance new.

Letting go…is total freedom to trust.

And this is how I approach my work as  an “energy practitioner”.

After the initial visit with a client – where a basic health form disclaimer is filled out, and we discuss the reason for the visit – I do very little talking in the following visits.

I do this for one main reason.

I allow the energy to do the talking and the work.

I do not focus on the clients health concerns. I obviously know what they are there for…however I don’t dwell on that.

Anything that needs to be revealed and given to the client…will be.

My role in this…is to remain open and allowing to the energy.

After 10 years of continually allowing this energy to work me…I completely trust that whatever is there for the client…will come through.

As a practitioner who shares “energy work” – whether it be Reflexology, Reiki or Aromatherapy – the more “I” allow these modalities to touch me…the more they will touch the client.

I can only be as helpful…as I allow myself to be helped.

I do continue to educate myself with practical studies in these modalities (I never stop learning). However once it becomes a part of me…I let go of it…allowing it to become a part of the client.

This is how I learn, work and live.

They are all….one in the same!

Be well

My Path Through Reiki

Reiki is how I began this path, therefore Reiki is the foundation of each modality that I practice. It is my compass which allows me to remain on this path.

Back in 1997, when I first began my journey into energetic bodywork, my sole intention was to use what I was learning, for the purpose of genuinely helping others.

I clearly remember about 6 months after my first Reiki attunement. I had high aspirations of opening up a little bodywork studio someplace where I would have the “picture perfect space” in which people would flock to me because I had this fabulous tool that could really help them. I began actively seeking out possible work places.

I visualized the space. With my teal green treatment table, pictures on the walls, music playing, incense burning, the perfect rent. I affirmed this everyday through repeated vocal affirmations, picture drawings and meditations. I was intending and manifesting with joy, love and passion!


A year later, I went on to receive my Reiki 2 attunement. A year an half after that, I went on to become a certified Reflexologist, and just this past year, began studying Aromatherapy.

If I knew back in 1997…..just how many twists and turns, stops and starts, detours, and inner lessons that I was going to have to experience on this journey…I can honestly tell you….I would have chosen some other path for myself.

However, once I took that first step, there was no turning back.

You see, this path chose me…..I didn’t choose it.

What I didn’t realize then, is that first, I was going to have to allow Reiki to show me… it would support my own fragile existence.

And this took many, many years.

There was a point in my life, when I simply decided to end my relationship to Reiki and Reflexology, because no matter what I did, to try and actively share this kind of work, by looking for employment and even volunteering my services, every single door slammed shut on me.

I remember that exact day.

I was absolutely furious…. a fury like I’ve never felt before.

I grabbed my certifications off the wall, slammed them under my bed, and took my middle finger, on both hands, pointed them up to God and said….. YOU GO TO HELL….HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO….AND THEN NOT LET ME DO IT!

I screamed and shouted every fowl obscenity that I could think of until my throat was raw. I threw things, kicked things, hit walls and banged the floor with my fists. I sobbed with a sadness that came from the depths of my soul.

I felt betrayed and lied to.

This “break-down” was the start of my own personal process, of being “broken-apart”……in order to become a witness…. to the power of Reiki.

I was to completely surrender myself – physically, spiritually, and materially – until I was completely emptied.

Everything of “human security” left me.

I was powerless.

And I was dying.

In total desperation and paralyzing fear, I had no other choice, than to grab hold of Reiki – and beg it to save me.

During this time, I was clearly shown how to differentiate between my own self….and voice of Reiki.

And yet, if I was to try and explain this “difference” to someone else…I couldn’t.

I was placed in a position, where I could only live each second , of each moment, as it was presented to me. I was totally blinded to anything that might be in the future.

I was shown just how utterly powerless and out of control I am to human conditions.

I was literally brought to my knees in humbleness.

I had nothing of human power anymore…..and yet I never felt more powerful.

THIS … is Reiki for me.

Total abandonment and surrender… each time I lay my hands down.

To a power far greater than me…..and yet me.

Thank you Reiki…..for saving me!