Snow…..Confetti From Heaven

Whenever it snows, I feel like I’m 2 years old again.

I get excited, rambunctious and absolutely silly.

Well…today in the city it snowed. And while most people stay indoors all toasty and warm – I on the other hand run outdoors like a banshee… make snow angels.

With a bag of nuts for the squirrels and a Starbucks grande’ coffee in hand, I headed out to the park to submerge myself in a small plot of nature.

It is within nature – that I strongly feel my personal connection to God.

As I sat on a bench, sipping my caffeine and feeding the squirrels, I looked up to the sky and watched in amazement, as big white confetti, like New Years Eve….. fell from heaven. As I looked at the bare branches on the trees, slowly and silently, become highlighted – I couldn’t help but think of icing on a cake. I stuck my tongue out….to catch a few. It felt like I was inside one of those snow globes and someone had just shook the hell out of it. I smiled and felt giddy.

I watched as one of the squirrels I was feeding, begin to hide all his peanuts under the snow. And as he lifted his little head up to look at me – I noticed he had the perfect outline of a snow beard on his face.

Two sparrows stood on the arm of the bench that I was sitting on and looked at me as if to say, “Hey…..what about us?”

I noticed a little dog, dressed in a sweater coat, desperately trying to find a spot of of free snow to pee on. He eventually went under a bush.

I watched as this “nature menagerie” went on around me like some Walt Disney movie.

And I thought to myself, “My God…..does it get any better than this?”

I very often get so wrapped up in creating my own life, that I quickly loose sight of what is being created around me. God’s creation.

And although I didn’t make any snow angels today……..I certainly spotted some.

So thank you nature. Thank you for reminding me of what I already have.

So much!