Aroma-Reflex for Pregnancy

There is nothing more beautiful…than seeing a woman “with-child.”

The little “seed” has been planted…and now it grows…forming a life out of LOVE.

Aromatherapy and Reflexology offer a gentle, effective, and natural means of support, throughout the duration of pregnancy.



Essential oils are nurturing and comforting, and promote a sense of “happy well-being” in pregnant women; they can also ease some of the discomforts of pregnancy. One of the interesting links between aromatherapy and pregnancy is that pregnant women have a “heighten” sense of smell. This is important to take into consideration when choosing which essential oils to use. Selected, are 3 oils which help with a variety of concerns.


Lavender – Roman Chamomile

~Swollen ankles and feet~

~Overall relaxation~

~Lower back pain~

~Emotional swings~


~Postpartum blues~



~Morning sickness~


*(For additional essential oils suited for pregnancy – please visit the Book Page on this blog)



Foot Reflexology can have a positive effect on the physical challenges a woman experiences during pregnancy. It powerfully supports the entire body as it moves through the process of creating new life. It is very important to note – that the application of reflexology should at all times be used with gentle pressure and for short durations.


Focus Reflex Points

~Solar Plexus~

*For over-all deep relaxation


*For tender breasts and upper lymph drainage

~Lower back/Lumbar/Sacral~

*For lower back discomfort


*For morning sickness

~Head/Pituitary Gland~

*For headaches and overall well-being


*For lower lymph drainage and swollen ankles and feet


*To support the urinary system


*To help with sciatic discomfort


*(Please refer to the Foot Map Page to get a clear visual of where these reflex points are located)



Swollen Ankles and Feet

*In a large basin of lukewarm to coolish water, add 1/2 a cup of Epsom salts, pre-mixed with 2 drops each of lavender and roman chamomile essential oils.

*Soak for 15-20 minutes, then dry feet.

*Slightly elevate the feet and give yourself some quality relaxation time.


Morning Sickness


*Whenever needed, take 3 deep breaths – inhaling directly from the bottle.


Foot Reflexology

*Mix a single drop of both lavender and roman chamomile essential oils to 1 tsp. of jojoba carrier oil.

*Apply to both feet, then gently rub and press the reflex points listed above.

*Do this for a total of 10-15 minutes.

*Slightly elevate the feet, breathing in the aroma – allowing it to calm and relax your entire being (the jojoba oil will quickly be absorbed into the skin).


*Caution Care*

~Avoid applying direct pressure to the uterus and ovary reflex points. You do not want to over-stimulate the reproductive system while it’s busy creating a new person!

~Always work with a light touch and start by gradually applying reflexology – every few days.

~Do not apply reflexology if there has been past issues with carrying a pregnancy to full term.

~Use only pure essential oils.

~Do not use any essential oil that has stimulating qualities (examples: rosemary, peppermint).

~Do not apply essential oils directly to the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.


When used with care and respect, Aromatherapy and Reflexology are a natural, gentle means of bringing great comfort and support to pregnancy. They create a loving environment…for the precious life being formed.


This post is a celebration to all women…who carry life.

Thank you…and be well ladies!


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Aromatherapy Bible” – Gill Farrer-Halls & “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.

Photos: window of my eye & meg29st

For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy