Reflexology…Sock it to You!

A fun, easy and enjoyable way to introduce yourself to the Art of Foot Reflexology – is through a pair a socks!

They make a great beginners instructional tool that allows you to get a broad view of the foot map and how it reflects the body. They are designed to be a general guide to all the major reflex points on the feet.

They are usually made of a nylon/lycra/cotton blended material, which allows the sock to stretch and conform to any size feet, and makes for a good contact surface when applying finger pressure movements.

They can easily be thrown into a suitcase when traveling. And because of the thin, light material, they can be washed and towel dried quickly.

For those individuals who have children and would like to introduce them to reflexology, they make the perfect “teacher” for an older child or young adult. A child can either work on themselves, or share reflexology with a sibling or best friend. Reflexology is a wonderful and healthy “bonding tool.”


Suggested Use

~When applying reflexology, simply use your thumb (or index finger) to gently press and release -as you move over the reflex points.

~Until you memorize the location of the reflex points, use the socks on yourself or someone else – as often as you can.

~When you begin to feel more confident, try closing your eyes (with the socks still on), and see if you can find various points – using your thumbs.

~When you feel really confident, take the socks off (but leave them close by to test yourself), and see if you can remember some of the reflex points on one foot – then move to the other.

~Make it a game, and have a partner call out various reflex points – to see if you can find them on your feet.

~After awhile, you will begin to just naturally know where each point is located, by remembering where the organs are within your own body.

The feet mirror the body…it’s that simple!


Reflexology Socks

*Michelle R. Kluck, has published a wonderful reflexology book entitled: “Hands On Feet” – which include a pair of specially designed Reflexology Sox.

*For additional reflexology socks and supplies, please try:


Begin to take a fascinating and healthy journey through your feet.

Using a pair of reflexology socks, will give you a valuable overview of the foot map, and begin to show you the effectiveness of this awesome modality.

So try a little fancy footwork…and sock it to you!

Be well


To find a professional reflexologist in your area, please check out the Find a Practitioner link on this blog.

Photo: Rutty


Reflexology for Health Maintenance

Reflexology is not only beneficial for specific health concerns, but is also a wonderful way to keep the body in “toe.”

The sole purpose of Reflexology is to remind the body of it’s own natural rhythm, and to gently guide it back on course. It knows what should be – therefore only focuses on renewal.

The human body has a miraculous ability to rejuvenate itself under the most strenuous of circumstances.

Reflexology can be applied to the hands and ears– as well as the feet.

Most people find the application to the feet a more relaxing way to experience it. The feet have over 7,000 nerve endings, therefore are very receptive to this modality.

I will always suggest to a client that they can continue to use Reflexology on there own, in between professional appointments. By simply rubbing the feet, once a day for just 10 min. (each foot), the body can receive so much support in wellness. PLUS….it feels so good!

I make it a nightly ritual for myself that I hardly even think about anymore. I keeps me in a happy mood and (besides a yearly cold) very healthy!

In Asian cultures, it’s a very common occurrence to see Reflexology being done everywhere. They even offer it in their shopping centers, so people can just take a break in the middle of the day to receive a 15-30 min. session. They are very conscious of balance and use Reflexology as a valuable tool in remaining healthy – Body, Mind and Spirit. By receiving a full professional session (which usually lasts 60 min.) once or twice a month- you will be giving yourself an enjoyable and highly effective dose of preventative health maintenance.

I invite you to explore Reflexology, by reading the various posts on this blog. Please feel free to check out my Book Page for writings on the subject. Also, check out my links to Find a Practitioner if your interested in receiving professional service. I guarantee that once you try Reflexology……you’ll be hooked!

Be Well.