Sacred Feet

Reference to the sacredness of feet is clearly documented within Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Egyptian, Asian and Greek cultures also give great honor and reverence to the feet.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the feet were the “portals” through which a soul entered and exited it’s human experience. Traditionally when someone died, the soles of the individual were removed, allowing the soul to make a slow and gradual journey back to it’s original Source. The Egyptians were also strong advocates of the art of reflexology – believing that the deepest part of a persons soul could be reached and healed.

As a Reflexologist…..I find this to be very true.

About a year ago, a client was brought to me who was paralysed on the left-hand side of her body. Upon seeing her, I was totally confused. Her body was obviously paralysed and limited, but when I looked at her……I mean, REALLY looked at her…..she was the most radiant, beautiful, and UNLIMITED human being I had ever laid eyes on.

She was of Spanish descent and spoke virtually zero English. I was so relieved to see that her bilingual daughter, who was equally as beautiful, would be able to translate my instructions to her. After making some minor adjustments, by having her sit in a comfortable chair rather than lying down on a massage table, her daughter left us alone for an hour.

When I work, I usually do so with my eyes closed, allowing my hands to move intuitively. So I closed my eyes……and followed the Leader. At first I felt very self-concious. My mind started to race ahead wondering what the hell could I do to help this woman. I mean she was paralysed. What could I do?

I said a silent prayer, asking for quick assistance. Soon I began to hear my inner voice guide my hands to where they were needed. So I went with it, permitting them to move where I was told. After about 15 minutes, I looked up and saw that she had fallen asleep. I was so relieved!

And then the voice began to speak directly to the deepest part of my soul.

It said, “You and she are one….you are giving to each other….and with LOVE, there is no need for words….LOVE will communicate whatever is needed….TRUST and know that when you surrender to me….I will always give healing”.

As I sat on the floor at her feet, I could feel what I can only describe… the essence of the Christ energy. Simultaniously….I felt immensly small and humble, yet powerful beyond any power I have ever known.

As the session ended, I placed both my hands on the tops of her feet, bowed my head, and said a silent thank you.

When I raised my eyes up to look at her, she was smiling. And with the most perfect English I have ever heard, she said….”Beautiful”.

Be well!