Sleep Like a Baby….Zzzzzz

Because we are all human and live on this planet, there is no escaping periods of stress and worry – which often leads to sleeplessness…’s the pitts!

However through Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology we have at our fingertips, a natural and gentle means to greatly help ourselves.

Being someone who has always had a very high level of energy pumping through my body, this has always been a blessing when I need it to achieve long periods of focus and work. Yet at the same time, I can find it quite challenging to slow this energy down, when it’s time to go “beddy-bye”.

I would like to share with you a wonderful and enjoyable way in which you can help yourself to experience a deep nights sleep… la-la land!

                                                Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the most widely used aromatherapy oil. It is obtained from the plant’s flowering tops, and grows wild throughout the Mediterranean region, although it is now cultivated worldwide. Lavender has a multitude of usages because of it’s adaptable nature. It has been used holistically in France for hundreds of years.

It aids insomnia, stress, tension headaches, and is good for calming nerves, lifting depression, relieving anger and soothing fear and guilt.


Foot Reflexology Points (foot map)

*Solar Plexus Reflex Point – for balancing the emotions

*Chest Reflex Point – for balancing the breath

*Head Reflex Point – for balancing the mind


Simple Supplies

One bottle of pure Lavender essential oil

One full measuring cup of Epsom salts

A bath and your bed

* Footnote: Do this right before bedtime, on an empty stomach.

(If a bathtub in not available, a foot-bath with the same ingredients, will work as well)


Here’s the Deal

While preparing a hot (comfortable) bath, pour a full measuring cup of Epsom salts. Place 6 drops of Lavender oil into the salts (this will allow for an even distribution of the essential oil throughout the bath water).

When the tub is filled about half way, begin to add the cup of Epsom salts/Lavender mixture to the running water.

When the tub is filled to your desired level, shut the bathroom door, allowing the aroma to permeate the space. Submerge yourself into the tub and soak for 10 minutes, while taking deep relaxing breaths (be careful not to fall asleep……just yet). Then allow the water to slowly drain, as you continue to soak.

After you get into your “jammies” (or not) – get into bed and prop yourself up with some bed pillows.


Fancy Foot Work

 *Begin a the Solar Plexus point and use the pad of your thumb to firmly, yet gently press in and then out. Do this 5 times on each foot (this will help calm the emotions).

*Next, use both thumbs on the ball of each foot (chest area), and rub the entire area. Do this for 1 minute (this will slow down your breathing).

*Finally, take your thumbs and press into the pads of both big toes (head area). Do this for 1 minute (this will slow down and clear the mind).

(Do this procedure as many times as you wish very slowly, while taking deep relaxing breaths. Remember, the slower your move your fingers, the deeper the relaxation response).

*Before turning out the lights, place a single drop of Lavender oil on the corner of your bed pillow. This will allow for a night……..of “sweet dreams”.

 NOW…….after this production……I DEFY you NOT to fall asleep!!!


No kidding folks……if you give this a try, I guarantee you’ll feel amazing results.

Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology are such valuable tools…..just waiting to be “rediscovered”.

So, sleep like a baby……..and good-night!


Caution Care: Before falling asleep……please remove your Binky.

Be well!

*Alternative essential oils that help with insomnia and stress: Chamomile (Roman), Clary Sage, Bergamont, Frankincense.

*For quality essential oils: Hands On Aromatherapy