Essential Oils and Reiki Distant Healing


One of the ways I find very effective in which to use two of the modalities that I practice, is through the fusion of Reiki Distant Healing and Essential Oils.

Each of these modalities stands strong on it’s own, however, when married together…create a beautiful and powerful union.

Essential oils, seem to allow for a strong “connection” between the recipient and Reiki. It’s like having a solid telephone connection, that enables a clear communication to take place.

Also, Reiki will always work for the highest good, so when blended with the energy contained within essential oils – it seems to propel that energy, and then diffuses it, where it will do the most good.

To begin practicing this, I suggest using the pure essential oil of either Lavender or Frankincense. Both of these oils are “adaptogenic” – which means that they will adapt to any condition (body, mind and spirit) for the recipient. You may even wish to use the two together.

 Suggested Usage

*Place a single drop of either both or one of these essential oils into the palm of one hand – then gently rub both palms together.

*Feel free to use whatever method you enjoy, that proceeds sending Reiki distant healing.





*Then simply hold your hands up and allow the energy to flow.

*If you use symbols, use them.

(I myself, no longer use symbols)

Between the Reiki and the essential oils, you will begin to feel a very strong pulse and pull of energy – it’s amazing.


You can also use this method when sharing a session in person. I sometimes will work with my hands about 3-4 inches away from the recipient’s body. The further I move my hands…the stronger the pull.

I highly suggest checking out the book, “Aromatherapy for the Soul” – by Valerie Ann Worwood. It’s a wonderful education in essential oils, for all aspects of healing. It lists a large majority of essential oils and their properties.

So try experimenting with the wonderful arts of Reiki Distant Healing and Essential Oils.

You may just find…a marriage made in heaven!

Be well


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

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Reiki…as Blood Type


Every so often, I get inspired with a new view of Reiki.

Just the other day, someone asked me what Reiki was. And it was strange, because I actually had to stop and think of what to say. I found myself pulling descriptions from my memory bank, and repeating them as if by rote. I felt like I was back in grammar school reciting my ABC’s.

Later that week, I decided to ask Reiki in meditation, to give me a new lesson.



We each have the common ingredient of blood within our body, however our “blood types” may vary. Some of us have similar types…and others have different.

Blood is constantly moving through us – cleansing, nourishing, supporting, recycling and healing us. 

It is a life essence.



We each have the common energy ingredient within our body. It is the same energy, however our experience with it may vary. Some of us experience it in similar ways…and others experience it differently.

Reiki is constantly moving through us – cleansing, nourishing, supporting, recycling and healing us.

It is a life essence.

Reiki and Blood

Commonly Universal…yet uniquely different!

Be well

Reiki and HIV Support

A large majority of people will tell you that their involvement with Reiki came not from having someone explain what it is, but rather from simply hearing or seeing the word (Reiki). Something deep inside themselves – knew that it needed to be experienced.

I personally believe, that this is because Reiki is a part of our inherited spiritual nature.

It is perhaps the most non-invasive, yet deeply profound holistic modality. It gently touches upon the body, to powerfully reach the soul – because it knows that this is where true healing manifests.

Reiki most definitely offers effective results to help support the body with HIV. However, where I have seen it excel in support…is within the spirit of an individual.

So often with HIV, the body becomes the main focus (and understandably so) – yet it is the spirit, that is sometimes most in need.

Because Reiki has a “Universal Intelligence” of it’s own, it knows exactly what is needed whenever it is received; therefore, it may be felt on a physical level, emotional level or spiritual level (and sometimes all three within a single session).

When receiving Reiki, the practitioner and client form a “sacred union.” And it is within this union – that Reiki flows. It is a “shared experience” in that both participants receive in a session.

One must only be willing…in order to receive.

The practitioner serves as a “thread” that connects the client to the Reiki Source. Each practitioner works differently – intuitively using a variety of gentle hand postions, touching on various parts of the clients clothed body (a session may also be conducted with the practitioners hands remaining a few inches away from the body). A full session commonly takes approximately 60 minutes, however they can be conformed to any time length.


Benefits to Reiki and HIV


~Pain-management tool~

~Boosts immune system function~

~Assists with side effects to medications~

~Helps with Neuropathy~

~Allows for better sleep~

~Supports the client in coping with life changes~

~Helps with depression~

~Allows for a deep spiritual connection~

~Helps with acceptance~




*Check for HIV support organizations in your area that offer Reiki and other holistic modalities as a “free of charge” service. I know that they exist.

*If you are already part of an HIV support organization, ask your case manager about these services. They should be able to guide you in a helpful direction.

*Please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to see if someone in your area offers Reiki.

*For more information on Reiki, please visit the Modalities Page on this blog.


Reiki can be a valuable, supportive and caregiving tool for HIV.

From working first-hand with those in the community, I can confidently and happily tell you – that Reiki brings a “quality of life”…to all those it touches!

Be well


For additional information on the benefits of Reiki and HIV-please visit: Ontario Reiki Programme Centre

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My Work with HIV

Without a doubt, my greatest inspiration and spiritual growth, comes from the time I spend sharing my work with the HIV community.

Each Tuesday, I offer Reiki, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy to a non-denominational spiritual ministry organization, that freely supplies a variety of holistic services to those in the community who are infected and affected with the HIV virus.

It is here through touching – that the giver and receiver are equally blessed.

Because it is here…that a “sacred connection” is made.

On a physical level, the modalities that I practice – offer gentle, yet powerful support to the body’s natural immunity.

However more importantly, on a spiritual level, they touch deeply upon the clients’ soul.

Because my work is based within the foundation of Reiki, it places me in a position of remaining neutral. Meaning, that whatever “connection” an individual has to their spiritual support – will be present within that session.

My only intention is to remain open, so that the “connection” will be experienced.

So often with HIV, the emotional stress can take a massive toll on the physical. That’s why it is very important for those both infected and affected, to have this “sacred space” with their spirit. It seems to be the “space” where they receive physical and spiritual unity.

I quite often hear, that during a session, a client feels the powerful hands of something far greater than themselves…holding and loving them.

I too…feel the same thing.

Which leads me to believe, that healing goes far beyond the physical body…touching something that only the “spirit” can truly know.

Thank you all…for touching me.

Be well

This post is dedicated to all those at Siloam Ministries…who make this “connection” possible.

*In upcoming posts, I will be sharing the “specifics” on how these modalities assist with HIV.

Reflexology…Doorway to the Soul




The eyes are the windows to my soul…the feet are the doors through which I enter” 





Not only does reflexology touch the body, but it also touches the emotions – which takes me deep within my soul.

Whenever I deny myself the feeling of expressing an emotion, I believe that that feeling will move into my physical body and remain there, until eventually it is expressed.

Not quite a year after I was born, my mother was diagnosed with Hodgkinson’s Disease. She lived with this illness for 5 years, and at the age of 40 she passed – leaving a husband and 3 young children.

Not until the last year of her life, was my mother even aware of what was happening to her. In the 50’s it was believed “helpful” not to share with a patient the prognosis of cancer.

Out of genuine care and concern, my father also made the choice not to share this with his children.

However, even at the young age of 6…I could “feel” something.

Coming from an Italian family, and knowing what Italian funerals were like (very dramatic), my father made another choice – not to allow his children to attend.

It may have been just a few days before my mothers death; when my sister, brother and I were taken to stay with a relative. After the two day funeral was over, the 3 of us were brought back into our home, and then told what had happened.

I can honestly tell you, that I have no recollection of feeling anything at the time. A part of my soul knew what had been going on with my mother, but not to of had the chance to have closure…must have frozen my ability to feel myself.

I know what you’re thinking, “How did you feel about your father doing this to you and your siblings?”

Throughout his life, we talked openly about this. He felt trememdously guilty. Yet I realized that he had made these choices, in order to protect us from pain – which in reality, was “his” fear. His intentions were human.

As  child, I had always had a very close connection with my mother. So as I matured, I continued to feel the comfort of her spirit close to me.

Throughout my adulthood, I was fortunate enough to have been lead to alternative holistic modalities, which enabled me to revisit my childhood and then gradually process buried feelings. And as with any process, you going through periods of moving deeper and deeper within the soul.

About 10 months ago, I discovered more feelings that were ready to be expressed.

This is where reflexology comes in.

One evening before taking a shower, I sat on the edge of the bathtub using a foot scrub. I remember pressing my thumb into the center of my right foot (which is the solar plexus reflex point).

The solar plexus is the center of emotions. It is were “feelings” are assimilated.

I had my eyes closed, enjoying a feeling of deep relaxation….when suddenly, within a split second flash…a feeling of intense sadness weld up inside me. It felt like a memory that shot up from the deepest part of my soul. Somehow I knew, that this emotion was coming from the mourning of a death, a death of someone who I had loved very much.

I saw a vision of myself as a child, kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs, grieving for a loss that was unbearable…and begging God, “How could you take this from me?!?”

It felt as though my whole body was breaking into a million pieces.

Then as fast as this came up and out of me…that’s how fast it ended – it took no more than 10 seconds.

In the following days, I began to feel lighter and freer.

Being ultra-sensitive to energy, I realize that as a child, I had unconsciously taken on the pain for my family…yet neglected my own.

This experience reminded me, just how deep reflexology can reach inside – allowing forgotten memories and emotions to be expressed and then let go.

It is a sacred ancient art…which opens the door to the soul.

Be well






A Balanced Life


Being of body, mind and spirit – my challenge has always been, to live a life of balance.

I can always tell when I have “tipped the scales” …and moved into excess.

When I am excessive with my body…my mind feels it. When I am excessive with my mind…my body feels it.

And the reason has always been…is because I have temporarily disconnected from my spirit.

I feel very blessed to have been guided to the practice of natural healing. It has always given me the support I’ve needed when I have swung into excess.


~Prime Example~


My everyday diet is basically very balanced (my body always tells me what it needs). However I have a passion for decadant sweets and coffee. When I swing off balance – sweets and coffee become excessive. They become my “energy boost” when I’m tired and feeling “out of sorts.”

Eventually this causes me to lose sleep, which then causes me to get cranky and irritable.

From that point I get impatient and intolerant – with myself and others.

And then the inevitable happens…my mind starts to go wild.

Throughout the day, I will have constant inner battles and justifications going on – defending myself for what I am thinking and feeling – which then causes me to feel worse – which leads me to feel more tired…so I eat more sweets and drink more coffee.

Usually by the end of that work week, I am physically and mentally exhausted, and can’t tolerate being around anyone – so I hibernate in my apartment…knowing that it’s time to balance!

I will always receive a “knowing call” telling me exactly what I need to do to regain my own sense of equilibrium.

I stay off the computer and phone, and do not look at a clock for most of the day – so that nothing will distract me from feeling.

I start by doing some gentle stretching and yoga – which allows my body to release any pent up emotions that I have not fully expressed, usually causing me to break down and cry. I do not analyze why I feel these emotions – I simply allow them to have a life of their own…by no longer giving them any attention.

I then add some foot reflexology (focusing on my head, solar plexus and spine reflexes) which further releases physical, mental and emotional tension.

I will then use specific essential oils that I am intuituvely drawn to for that particular moment. I place a few drops into the palm of my hand, then rub both palms together – bringing them close to my nose, breathing deeply.

Then it’s time for some Reiki. This enables me to let go of myself and closely reconnect with my spirit.

I start by placing  my hands on my abdominal area. This is the area that holds on to me…and the me…is what I want to move beyond. I take slow, deep breaths. With every inhale, I take in the Source…and with every exhale…I let go of control. Lastly I place my hands on my chest, over my heart, and allow myself to feel the constant Source that is always there.

After this, I will usually feel much lighter, clearer and more centered.

Being a lover of nature, I will spend the rest of the afternoon sitting in a near-by park enjoying the fresh air, squirrels, visual beauty, and natural healing of the greatest “free gift” in the world.

So I can’t help but realize, that as long as I am human and living on this planet, there will continue to be times when I tip the scales of balance and move into some form of excess.

But I’m happy and grateful, that I have some of natures best “supports”at my fingertips, which will always bring me back…to a Balanced Life!

And do yourself a favor…please investigate further the valuable and powerful results of Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

You’ll be so blessed you did!

Be well


My Work

My own personal approach to learning anything new…is to devour it…and then spit it out.

Using my brain, I first pick it apart – by breaking things down to a “step by step” logical order. I study, analyze, and then question everything!

If something doesn’t feel right for me…I place it to the side.

Gradually, as I become comfortable with the “technical aspects”- I allow it to become “second nature”- so that my need to think about it…is void.

Eventually, it begins to fuse with my soul.

As the “training wheels” come off…I let go.

And this is when I truly begin to learn.

The years that I spent as an actor in the theater…taught me this.

When you perform live, having to repeat the same performance, night after night and matinee after matinee – learning to “let go” is very important. Otherwise it becomes contrived and false.

Once I thoroughly learned my lines, blocking, music and dance – and it had been embossed in my brain – I needed to forget it – and trust that it would be there when I needed it.

It was like being schizophrenic!@#?

I had to stay very aware of what was happening around me…and at the same time…lose my awareness to try and navigate the outcome. Allowing each moment to reveal itself to me – without anticipating. And living each performance new.

Letting go…is total freedom to trust.

And this is how I approach my work as  an “energy practitioner”.

After the initial visit with a client – where a basic health form disclaimer is filled out, and we discuss the reason for the visit – I do very little talking in the following visits.

I do this for one main reason.

I allow the energy to do the talking and the work.

I do not focus on the clients health concerns. I obviously know what they are there for…however I don’t dwell on that.

Anything that needs to be revealed and given to the client…will be.

My role in this…is to remain open and allowing to the energy.

After 10 years of continually allowing this energy to work me…I completely trust that whatever is there for the client…will come through.

As a practitioner who shares “energy work” – whether it be Reflexology, Reiki or Aromatherapy – the more “I” allow these modalities to touch me…the more they will touch the client.

I can only be as helpful…as I allow myself to be helped.

I do continue to educate myself with practical studies in these modalities (I never stop learning). However once it becomes a part of me…I let go of it…allowing it to become a part of the client.

This is how I learn, work and live.

They are all….one in the same!

Be well