Feet…and the 4 Elements


Air, Water, Earth, and Fire make up all four basic elements on our planet.

Nothing could exist without all four present, and we need a balance of each element in our lives for health.


*The air to breathe

*The water to drink

*The earth to give us a place to stand, provide structure, and supply an element which to grow food.

*The sun (fire) to provide light and heat


By using the characteristics of the four elements in relationship to the feet, a reflexologist can get a general overview of the present condition of the foot owner.

During the normal course of one’s life, the elements go in and out of balance in a continuously changing state of health.

Listed, are the four elements and the conditions caused by an overabundance body quality and personality traits of each element are also included.



Foot conditions:

*flaccid feet

*crackling, popping toe joints

*athlete’s foot with dry, itchy scaling skin


*swollen feet/edema

*high arches

Moving qualities of the body:

*respiratory system


*motion of limbs and joints

Personality traits:





Foot conditions:

*sweaty feet

*flaccid feet

*swollen feet/edema

*athlete’s foot with blisters

*foot odor

Liquid qualities of the body:




Personality traits:


*easily influenced



Foot conditions:

*bones spurs

*stiff, inflexible feet

*mole, freckles on feet

*hammer toes

*cold feet

*corns, warts

*flat feet

*foot odor

Solid qualities of the body:




Personality traits:


*slow to change



Foot conditions:

*arthritic feet

*broken blood vessels

*bright red feet

*hot feet

*painful feet

Warm/Hot qualities of the body:

*body temperature

*circulatory system


Personality traits:





As I pursue my studies of Reflexology, I am continually amazed at how accurate the feet do reflect so much of who we are…Body, Mind & Spirit.

So take a look into the mirrors of your feet….and see your four elements!

Be well


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Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.

Photo: Flopper