A Timeless Art of Self Healing


For those of you who may be looking for a clearer understanding of reflexology, I highly recommend Ann Gillanders video Reflexology – “The Timeless Art of Self Healing.”

I first discovered this video while I was training to become a certified reflexologist. I was looking for additional information that would assist me to delve even deeper into this amazingly effective self healing modality.

Ann Gillandersis one of the foremost practitioners of Reflexology in the world today, and she is recognized as a pioneer of modern Reflexology. Her school in Essex, England is a direct result of her effectiveness as a healer and the tremendous popularity that has grown from it. She is one of Reflexology’s best teachers and an internationally recognized author. Amazingly, she achieved all this in spite of being severely handicapped.

Not only do I recommend this video to the novice, but also to the professional reflexologist. I myself refer to this video time and time again.

The step-by-step demonstrations are cleverly interwoven with fascinating “footnotes” and tips, providing you with ample time to fully learn and perform each technique. It’s fun and entertaining.

 Running Time: 75 minutes

The video also comes with a wallet-size reflexology chart which shows the various reflex points located on the feet.

So if you’ve always wondered about reflexology, please allow Reflexology -“The Timeless Art of Self Healing” to introduce you to it’s many benefits.

And if you would like to find out more about Ann Gillanders and her plethora of knowledge, please check out her friendly and helpful website All Reflexology.