Aromatherapy..Don’t “Bug” Me!


                                      “I hope you’re wearing a condom mister!”

Insects are nature’s aromatherapists.

Many of them rely on their very acute sense of smell for the most important things in a bug’s life-

~ To locate a mate (through pheromones).

~ And their keen sense of smell directs them to their food source.

Aromatherapy can create a natural “scent shield” that deters bugs from entering your home by using essential oil scents that bugs really hate – which send them spinning on their heels in the opposite direction.

It does this safely and effectively without actually having to kill them via fly swatter, rolled up newspaper, shoe, hammer, or screaming at the top of your lungs!@?!

Aromatherapy is conscious and conpassionate.

After all…bugs have a purpose too…(not that I haven’t swatted a hundred in my life).

Listed below are a few popular “buggy” insects and the essential oils that will greatly assist in removing their presence from your sight.






Ants & Uncles

~ Camphor

~ Peppermint


La Cock-a-roaches

~ Peppermint

~ Eucalyptus


Shoo! Fly don’t bother me

~ Eucalyptus

~ Cedar Wood


Mosquito Net

~ Citronella

~ Eucalyptus


And a bonus deterrent…


Of Mice and Men

~ Peppermint

~ Spearmint





~ Use 10-15 drops of essential oil to a 4 oz. spray bottle filled with water (shake well).

~ Can be sprayed along the parameter of the floor or along ant trails.

~ Avoid any cloth material or delicate surfaces (some essential oils can be damaging).



~ Use 20-30 drops of essential oil to an 8 oz. bottle of unscented body lotion (shake well).

~ Apply 30 minutes prior to going outdoors (you can reapply during the day).

~ This is great for those “Mosquito Nights”  during the summer.


Cotton pads/Sponges

~ Purchase a bag of flat cotton pads (the kind used for face toner).

~ Place 3-4 drops of essential oil onto each pad and then place them in kitchen cabinets, drawers, pantry, garbage cans…you name it…anywhere a bug may lurk.

~ Place them on the inside ledge of any window or door to deter any fly entries!

~ You can also purchase dishwashing sponges, cut them into small squares and place them as you would the cotton pads.


Caution Care

* Use only pure essential oils.

* Do not spray close to pets water or food supply.

* Do not use essential oils on pets without first researching which oils are safe.

* Do not spray close to your mouth or eyes.

* Do not use essential oils directly on the skin without first diluting with a lotion, oil, or water.


Allow nature to assist you with nature

Aromatherapy will effectively detour all “undesirables”… in a very kind way.

So get bugs off your back…and keep them from coming back…with essential oils!




For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Aromatherapy for Dummies” – Kathi Keville

For more information on Aromatherapy for Insects – please visit the Book Page on this blog.



12 thoughts on “Aromatherapy..Don’t “Bug” Me!

  1. Good morning Ron. 🙂

    As well as being a usual informative post this also made me laugh! Love your sense of humour. 🙂

  2. Hi Akelamalu!

    Tee-Hee…it was a “last minute” thought… right before I clicked PUBLISH!

    I can’t help it…the devil made me do it!

    So glad you enjoyed it though.

    Thanks for stopping by…and have a wonderful week Akelamalu!!!!!!

    Bee well..

  3. Happy Monday to you, Ron !
    That is awesome information!!!! Thank you ! I like the smell of peppermint anyway, so that is just an added bonus if I ever need it !
    Great post, as usual !

  4. Hello Ron,

    You are so correct about the peppermint. I have had a problem with ants in my apartment. I mixed peppermint and citornella together with water in a spray bottle and the refused to come back into the house. I do this about every four days or so. It sure does work.
    Ron, again thank you for your tips and your desire to share your knowledge.
    Where do you purchase your oils? Is there somewhere online that we can look up to buy some oils? I have been using Young Living olis, I am always looking for other places. There is a local natural and organic food store that has some quality oils but being retail they are expensive.
    Thank You,

    Have a great 4th of July
    Your Friend

  5. Good Morning, Ron!

    I’ve heard that the birds and bees do it! Now, we have proof that ladybirds do it too! What an informative post.

    I’m armed and ready to repel earwigs. They freak me out with their nasty pinchers and sneaky ways…ewsh. My weapon of choice won’t be nearly as environmentally correct as yours…I want those suckers gone!

    I will however make a note of the Camphor and Peppermint alternative the next time I get ants (which will probably be in the next few days when the temperature spikes).

    In other news… while cleaning my book shelves the other day I found a book “Reflexology Basics” by Denise Whichello Brown! I’d forgotten I had it. It’s beautifully photographed and full of information that’s almost as good as what you share here. So, when are you going to write a book? I’m sure it would make the NYTimes list!

    ciao for now~

  6. Hellooo Angel Annie!
    Yes…I’m a peppermint freak!
    Thank God it’s not a “Ron Deterrent.”
    I think I have an addiction!?!?!?
    So glad you enjoyed this post Annie…I had SOOOO much fun creating it!
    Enjoy your day~
    Bee well,

  7. Welcome Dave!

    Yes…it seems that Peppermint and Citronella are HUGE bug deterrents!

    I actually enjoy both scents (thank God) it’s a pleasure using them.

    When I lived in Florida, ANTS were a HUGE challenge. They would gather around the cat’s food dish and have a “Roman Eating Orgy.” The cats could care less, but I was a maniac. I wish I had known this information back then…cause all I did was SCREAM!

    Hey listen…please check out the sidebar on this blog. I listed 2 places where I purchase my essential oils. One is here in Pa.(Penn Herb) the other in Georgia(Hands-On Aromatherapy). The one in Pa. is less expensive and they give GREAT, FRIENDLY customer service (also the shipping charge is very small). Also, look for NOW essential oils in any GNC store in your area (I use them a lot…very reasonable too). I’ve definately heard of Young Living Oils…however I’ve also heard they’re VERY expensive (and being a Libra…I want cheap but quality).

    Certain oils…I can’t save on because they are just so rare and precious (frankincense for one)…so I indulge…because it’s one of those oils that is SO sacred and powerful!

    Thank you so much for your sincere and appreciative words Dave!

    I really enjoy sharing this with everyone…in a fun and informative way!

    It’s a pleasure each time you stop by!

    Bee well~

  8. Bella CeeCi~

    So fun of you to drop by!

    Yes…apparently…everyTHING can “do it.”

    Earwigs….HATE THEM!!! They ARE sneaky and creepy aren’t they?

    Florida is known for it’s “Palmetto Bugs.” They are the MOST hideous beasts on this earth. They’re like a roach…except they FLY at you! They LOVE moisture…so Florida is their “playground.” One morning about 3:00am…I woke up in bed (no lie) with about 10 of them crawling all over me. CeeCi…I jumped up and SCREAMED so loud…I scared the shit out of them…and they ran! I slept with one eye open for the next two weeks. I’m sure I’m emotionally scarred from it!

    It’s so WONDERFUL that you found a reflexology book!!! I’ve heard of that author…I’m SURE it’s GREAT! Maybe you’ll find some good stuff in there to help Mojo (and yourself when you need it).

    I’ve actually been investigating on-line, ways to “self-publish” books. If it’s meant to be…I guess the Universe will support me. Cause I would LOVE to – (thank you for your support).

    It’s ALWAYS a “fine day” when I get a visit from you my dear friend…thank you for your presence CeeCi!

    Bee well,

    P.S. Your blog looks stupendous!

  9. Do they make condoms in that size? LOL! I burst out laughing when I read this. Stopping by to say hello before I go. Big hugs to you!!

    Be back in a couple weeks.

  10. Helloooo Greenwoman!

    Yes…they’re called “petite condomundo’s”!

    Glad you enjoyed the caption…I suddenly thought of it at the last minute. It’s a “sickness.”

    Hope you enjoy your two weeks away (you will be missed). I’m thinking about a little trip to Vermont sometime this month. I so desperately need some time OUT OF THE CITY. Summertime in a city can be too “sensory overload” for me. I need the peace and quiet of nature. I need to HUG a tree (God Love them)!

    Thank you so much for stopping by today…it’s always a “treat” and “pleasure.”

    Have FUN!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it too!

    Bee well,

  11. Good Wednesday morning July 4th to you, Ron !

    You sleep on a futon ! God bless the young and flexible !

    I love to read, especially when it is something really really really good. And each time I get new insights or feelings from it. I read about 3 new books a week, and can read about 100 fiction pages an hour…

    I totally undersatnd about you passing on the ‘tag’. You sound immersed in other things and I hope they are all fun !

    Loving Annie

  12. Happy 4TH to you too Annie!

    Yea…I have this “ZEN” thing going on in my apartment…and a futon is simple and practical. And I LOVE a FIRM mattress!

    That’s TRUE…everytime you read something…you can always get something NEW out of it!

    3 books a week and 100 pages an hour????

    You must have gone to the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading School!?!?!? tee-hee

    Thanks for understanding about the TAG.

    YES…I’m having the time of my life writing!

    The Universe seems to think so too, because it keeps sending me more and more!

    I feel very inspired right now…so I’m going with it!

    Have a wonderful day Annie…and thank you for stopping by on this holiday…it’s always a TREAT!

    Bee well,

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