Reflexology….and the “Foot Map”

Foot Reflexology works with the simple yet highly effective principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to every organ, gland, muscle, bone, and system of the body.

The feet actually contain a “map” – that reflects the human anatomy.

A reflexologist uses this map as a guide to discover where there may be any imbalance.

Back in 2000 when I began my study of this ancient art, I slowly discovered that each foot map I examined, had slightly different foot map markings. This puzzled me….so I continued to investigate further.

Eventually through reading the teachings of many reflexology masters, I discovered that much like we are all different and unique in our physical size and shape – so too is our own reflexology map.

Example: We each have two lungs and two kidneys. However the size and exact location of these organs – may be slightly different.

Since this discovery, in my own practice, I use the foot map as a definite guideline during my sessions, but also keep in mind that some “specific” points (such as the pituitary, pineal, adrenal, testes and ovary glands) may be slightly shifted. So I work a “wider area” – knowing that I will affect them. 

The best way to try this out on your own – is to pick an area that you would like to focus on, find it on the foot map, and see if you feel a reaction. If not, move your thumb around a bit, and gently press and release until you feel something either on the reflex point or within your body (or both) You can use any finger that feels comfortable for you, but the thumb, having more strength, seems to work best. 

You can also wait until you have a physical concern (such as sinus issues) – find the reflex points for the sinuses – and then press them a few times. Don’t be surprised if they POP and start to drain. I use this point alot during allergy season.

The foot map that I have included with this post is only a map of the soles of the feet. So keep in mind that reflex points are also found on the sides and tops as well.  Much can be achieved using the soles of the feet, but to get a complete view, please visit the foot map page.

Begin to think of the foot map as a “compass” that will guide your body when it feels “lost” – by recycling and rejuvenating the “whole”. Make an appointment with a reflexologist in your area (Find A Practitioner Link) to get a feel for a professional session and then continue the process on your own. I guarantee…. you’ll will be AMAZED at how effective foot reflexology can be.

The feet are a very powerful tool in staying well.  So put your best foot forward……and follow the map!

Be well

Book recommendations:

“Healing yourself with Foot Reflexology” – Mildred Carter/Tammy Weber

“The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology” – Kevin and Barbara Kunz

“The New Reflexology” – Inge Dougans

21 thoughts on “Reflexology….and the “Foot Map”

  1. ron this is AWEsome info. I will need to come back & re-read it tonight, so I can practice, ok?

    I do hope you are enjoying a fabulous Wednesday!!!! As always, thank you for your oft visits and kind words!

  2. Thank you, Ron! For the first time in a few days, I can put the tissue away. Who knew, a little toe pinching could make my sinuses feel better. I’m definitely going to squirrel* this one away!

    ciao for now~

    *couldn’t resist! 😀

  3. God Love ya Miss M!

    Thank you very much for stoppping by! Glad you enjoyed the post. This is one that I have been wanting to do for a long time…..but other ones just seemed to pop up before.

    So I guess THIS was the time!

    Yes, come back and revisit the map anytime. That’s why I included it…for those who may want to take a quick look now and then concerning different things!

    I’ll be heading towards your blog later this evening. So until then……take a walk on the wild side!

    Be well,

  4. Afternoon CeeCi!!!!!

    Dove’ sono il libri????Ciao Bella! Pizzia! Meatballs! and Garlic!

    Thank you SO much for your visit. And I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you were able to use this and got some relief! Yea!!!!!! GO GIRL!

    Right now MY own sinuses are freaking out too. Last night was the worst! Today…much better! Thank God it’s still cool here….because the heat feels worse when my sinuses act up! Last night I pressed on my own toes and sniffed Eucalyptus oil (I got alittle buzz too).

    Right now I have two Puff tissues stuck up my nose…..they are draining like crazy….it’s like two little tampons.

    And thank you so much for the Squirrel reference……that was too, too, too funny and VERY witty on your part! I LOVE WIT….. To me, it’s a sign of intelligence!

    I have to check back with your blog….I left you a comment last night, but didn’t have time to return yet!

    Have a great day and remember……AHHHH freak out……la freak says Chic….freak out!

    Be well,

  5. Good Wednesday afternoon, Ron !

    Thank you for the useful information / foot map / reflex points…
    It feels wonderful when everything is in proper alignment !

    Hope you sinuses feel better soon !

  6. Hello Angel Annie!

    Thank you so very much for dropping in today…it’s ALWAYS a pleasure!

    Yes….it IS wonderful when everything is properly aligned.

    Yesterday I shared allot of reflexology and reiki with the clients where I volunteer. Sharing energy moves things around for the practitioner as well as the client. My poor nose was dripp’in while I was in session. I finally just stuck a kleenex up there and let it drip. Springtime sometimes does this to me. It’s all according to the pollen.

    But I’m so fortunate to have these valuable tools to work with when my body needs balancing. I’ve learned much of what I share with clients… working on myself first. Between the reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy…’s like having a doctor in the house!

    Thank you for appreciating my shares! Stay tuned for a “fun one” coming up real soon!

    Be well Annie!

  7. Thanks Ron. I adore reflexology…though I don’t practice it on myself formally. I just rub any little place that hurts or feels uncomfortable until I feel the energy shift. I always use it when I get a cold or flu. Shortens the illness in nearly half. I never think to use it to treat pain though. Don’t know why…*shakes head*

  8. Hello Greenwoman!!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by the blog…’s good to see you!

    Good Girl… are VERY wise and intuitive in using reflexology regardless of a “formal training”. You DO NOT NEED formal training in order to receive it’s many benefits. That fact that you find the spots that are uncomfortable and work them until you feel an “energy shift” is stupendous – because that’s EXACTLY how it’s done!

    I’m just getting over a slight cold and like YOU SAID….it most definately shortens the illness in half the time. I’ll tell you….having these modalities at my finger tips (reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy) is one of the GREATEST forms of Grace that has been giving to me.

    In my professional practice I use all THREE in unison. For me….the feet represent the true SOUL of a person. I can feel SO MUCH when I touch them….it’s as if they speak to me….it’s beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation of these powerful extremeties….and for USING them! YOU being so connected to the earth…’s a natural!

    It’s always a pleasure sharing with you Greenwoman!

    Be well,

  9. I just popped in to say ‘hello’ Ron…Hello, Ron! And of course noticed right away that you’ve made a little change around here…great, new header picture.

    Now is there any modality that will erase the image of tissue tampons from my sensitive psyche?

    ciao adesso!
    CC B dM

  10. CeeCi,

    See….I told you that you were intelligent…..YOU were the FIRST to notice…..and thank you. I don’t know why I loved that header so much…..but I did….so I used it. It’s too cute!

    No modality will erase that imagine from your psyche…… you are now scarred for life!

    This is TOO funny, because at the EXACT time you were leaving this comment…..I was on YOUR blog….checking out your new post.

    We are FREAKS of nature you and I.

    I’ll be back tonight to leave you a comment.

    It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to receive a comment from you…..GRASSY!

    Be well,

  11. i am diggin’ the new header ron…you are a man in motion, eh?

    so, i grabbed all my foot, bath candles, essential oils and other supplies and headed off to the tubby last night and as i was floating away in water all the way up to the edge of the tub, I realized I forgot to bring the shampoo. duh…so now i have dreadlocks…kind of sexy in a grungy hippy chic kind of way, so i’m going with it.

    um, i have nothing of importance to say(kind of like always), just wanted to stop by and say hi. My bro. just called & said it was raining ice in Penna where he is (by the mts.) so i am sure you are in icicle heaven. it is green and warm and simply glorious down here.

    much love & light,

  12. Evening Miss M!

    Thanks for noticing the new header. I saw it and just fell in love with it… I grabbed it! It seems to reflect my blogs’ personality.

    Oh……I LOVE dreads! Especially dirty ones….they smell DIVINE.

    Yes…it’s FREEZING here in Philly too…..but you will NEVER me complain. I wonder if it’ll go through the summer?!?!?!?!?

    As ALWAYS…..thank you for stopping by……it’s a pleasure!

    Be well,
    Ronald McDonald

  13. Good Friday morning Ron ! How are you doing today ?
    I love how detailed your comments always are — you are so thoughtful, and such a sweetheart !

  14. Good Friday to you too Angel Annie!

    It’s good to have you stop by. How are you doing? FABULOUS I hope!!!!!

    Ya know…..I SO appreciate people stopping by my blog… when I comment back to them……it’s such a JOY! I LOVE it!

    Writing seems to be the BEST way for me to communicate my inner feelings. My brain moves so fast sometimes…..that by writing….it seems to be a “mid-way point” for my thoughts to actually FORM…..and then move out through my fingers….to the page!

    Writing is very “spiritual” to me. It’s about letting go and allowing the Source to move through me. I feel so blessed that it does that.

    Thank you for appreciating the “SOURCE”…bless you!

    Be well,

  15. I have a friend who practices Reflexology and know from experience of her treating me that it really does work. She even foresaw a problem I would have. I have written about it in my Blog.

  16. Hello Akelamalu!

    Thanks for visiting my space…and welcome!

    Yes….it’s AMAZING how it REALLY works.

    I continue to be in awe at how much it can assist in balancing so many situations.

    Between to Reiki and Reflexology……it’s an awesome team!

    I will sometimes use Reflexology, then hold my hands OVER a particular reflex point that I may be working on, and allow Reiki to move into the point, assisting even more!

    I find it to be a very gentle way to assist….in a very powerful way.

    I noticed that you are from the UK. I use to work with a girl in Florida who was from Kent. It looked (pictures) SO beautiful.
    I LOVE Lavender….and she had pictures of Lavender fields.


    Take care and be well,

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