Reflexology and Gemstones

I’m always exceited when I discover unique ways that practitoners are using the Art of Reflexology.

Just recently, I came across a book that explained how reflexology in conjunction with gemstones, can actually magnify the experience.

Gemstone Reflexology uses 8 gemstones that allows the user to direct the healing energy of crystals to activate designated reflex pressure points. The energy has different intensities and varying effects – depending on the type of stone used.

When crafted into “sticks” gemstones can bundle and intensify energy through the pointed end and distribute energy broadly through the blunt end.


~Gemstones & Properties~


~Calming and pain-relieving attribute.

~Helps to balance and focus.


~Detoxifies the body.

~Improves circulation.

Rock Crystal

~Stimulates immunity and helps balance body functions.

~Generates mental clarity and cleanses both body and spirit.

*(one of the most powerful gemstones and is a good choice to start with)

Rose Quartz

~Supports cardiovascular system.

~Assists with menstruation.

Rutile Quartz

~Helpful for depression and anxiety.

~Good for the lungs.


~Helps with insomnia.

~Good for the throat and digestive tract.


~Balances blood pressure.

~Good for sinuses, skin and headaches.


~Encourages interaction between the 2 halves of the brain.

~Arthritis pain as well as nerve related pain.


*Gemstone Reflexology can be performed on the feet, hands and ears.

(when used on the feet it is advised to always use the blunt end of the stick)


I myself have not yet experienced this method of reflexology, however, I am always open to any holistic approach that will support the body’s self-healing energies.

So, I guess my next step will be to purchase a gemstone or two and try it out. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my results!

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the book through which I shared this information with you…I have a feeling you’ll find it as fascinating as I did.

It’s a real…GEM!

Be well


This post share with you¬†through:“Gemstone Reflexology” – Nora Kircher

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