Reflexology…..and a rabbits foot ?!?

Because of the Easter holiday, my client (pictured) wanted to treat his pet bunny (Snuggle Puss) to a reflexology session.

I told him that I would have to charge 3 times the amount I normally do because of the size of Snuggle Puss’s feet!

He was totally okay with that.

However, after the session was over (during which Snuggle Puss fell asleep)……….I felt exceptionally…….LUCKY!

Humm…….I guess in MY case……it was most definitely better to RECEIVE……than to give!

Aren’t I bad?

This picture was taken right after the session. Snuggle Puss had to be carried out to the car……he was in such a DEEP state of relaxation! 

Hey Everyone…..thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comments. They always warm my heart!

Who knew back in December, when I enter the “Blog World” that I would meet so many people who would be so open and honest in sharing their life experiences with me. It’s been my pleasure and honor to have met all of you.

I wish each and everyone of you a magical and special Easter, as this Springtime of renewal, rebirth and growth approaches. 

I look forward to sharing more and more – as we each experience all that life gives us!

Thank you and bless you……..

Be well,


P.S.  Can  you BELIEVE the size of that bunny?